Te Oranga Wai Prize

Nominations for Te Oranga Wai will close on 31 March 2021.

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Te Oranga Wai Prize

WIOG has a vision of promoting education, interaction and information sharing within the water industry. Our goals include: Provision of opportunities for the recognition of individual achievements of both members and other practitioners employed in the water industry; to be actively involved in the development, implementation and promotion of knowledge, innovation and experience to the industry, and improving workplace efficiencies.
This is an opportunity to share your innovative ideas or projects with other members. Applications for the Te Oranga Wai Prize are now open. No prerequisites exist beyond the recipient being a current WIOG member.
If you have developed and/or implemented an innovative solution or have implemented a project to address a problem that you have experienced in your workplace, then we want to hear from you.

Alternatively, if a colleague has done something similar then please feel free to nominate him/her for the award. Examples of possible innovative ideas include development of some form of tool or project (physical or virtual) that increases efficiency, assists with keeping workers safe, optimises a process, and/or raises the profile of the water industry.
This award is open to all current individual WIOG members employed in the operations area of the water industry (ncluding water/wastewater/stormwater treatment  and/or reticulation).
An innovative project directly related to the New Zealand water/wastewater industry developed by a WIOG member employed in the operations area.

Applicants are asked to submit a brief summary report on the innovation outlining the issue, the solution that was developed to overcome the issue, and details of how the project could benefit the industry. The report can be written or sent as a video file. Referees are essential to verify innovation or problem solution
The Prize: to be awarded annually, is an all-expenses paid trip to Australia as part of the WIOG annual study tour, with a value of up to $5,000 to the most outstanding Applicant.  The prize is generously sponsored by Thermofisher Scientific.
The Prize recipient, and the activity undertaken, will be recognised at the WIOG Annual Conference and in various water industry publications.
Please go to 'Submit an application' on the Awards page of the website to submit your nomination for Te Oranga Wai.

If you have any questions please email  [email protected] 


Te Oranga Wai prize winners

  • John Clemens (2008)
  • Ken Jones (2009)
  • Bruce Nesbitt (2010)
  • CityCare, Sicon, and Waimakariri DC (2011)
  • Ben Wood (2012)
  • Damian Lawsen (2014)
  • Alan "Sonny" Nesbit (2015)
  • Raelyn Rika (2016)
  • Kathryn Russell (2017)

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