This award recognises the services of individuals to the Group. This award has been gifted to us by WIOA. This service award is to be given to an individual in recognition of their commitment to the vision and philosophies of the Group and the active promotion of the Group.

This award is designed to complement the existing Life Membership which is the Group’s most prestigious award that is given for distinguished service to the Group over many years.

Every award needs to have a symbol, so that awardees are easily recognisable.

For this award the symbol is a twisted tap, in fact an inextricably obstructed tap.

The individuals are selected by fellow IDIOTS and at  the WIOG annual conference:

Inducted as
Delegates of the

The appropriate salutation to WIOA/WIOG IDIOTS is: “You idiot”

Whilst the appropriate response would be: “Get knotted”

At the 2019 Conference, one IDIOTS was presented with a gold Twisted Tap in recognition of their long and ongoing commitment to WIOG.  

Nick Hewer-Hewitt is a current Committee Member and employee of Wellington Water Limited


Paul Slattery  -  2007

Graeme Thacker  -  2007

Murray Clayton   -  2007

Jim Peak   -  2007

Richard Thomas  -  2008

Alison Young  -   2008

Stu Craib   -    2008

Dave Neru   -   2009

Arch Murray   -   2009

Mike Monaghan  -  2012

Martyn Simpson  - 2013

Owen Braybrook (transferred from Australia)

Craig Freeman   -  2014

John Clemens   -   2014

Nigel Hesford   -   2016

Greg Gordon & Damian Lawsen   -   2017

Bruce Nesbitt - 2018

Nick Hewer-Hewitt - 2019

Craig Hiddleston  -  2021

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