Water Industry Operations Group of NZ Inc. Welfare Fund Guidelines


The Water Industry Operations Group of NZ (WIOG) welfare fund has been set up to provide support for members and/or their immediate families in cases of, but not limited to, bereavement, serious sickness and hardship.


Any financial or life member of WIOG can submit a written application to a committee member or the Executive Office (EO), for consideration.

The application must detail the name of the recipient, contact details and type of support requested.


The recipient(s) must be a current, past or life member of WIOG or; an immediate family member.

Funding Intent

Distributed funds are not intended to replace or supplement income, and would normally be in the form of a one off amount or item as a gift from WIOG members.

Examples may be, but not limited to, food voucher(s), fuel/travel voucher(s), flowers and/or card.

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