Operator Exchange

The operator exchange programme has been set up by WIOG and WIOA to provide its retrospective members an opportunity to experience operational activities across the ditch. How the programme works: The programme is based on a 2 week hosting arrangement between 2 operators and their employers. This time can be held anytime over the year that is convenient for the both host organisations. The hosting operator will billet the visiting operator and be responsible for housing, feeding and providing the experience. WIOG and our sponsor will cover costs for the Kiwi operator for the exchange to Australia including; Airfares and relevant taxes, Weekly allowance for incidentals and gifts for host, Registration to attend a WIOA event (only if an event is on during the exchange) To be eligible you must meet the following conditions; Be a financial member of WIOG Have the support of your employer Hold a minimum of a National Certificate level qualification or similar Be prepared to present a paper at WIOG's annual workshop

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