Best Operator Paper - Steve Watt, Wellington Water.  "900mm dia Flextend installation on a water bulk main". Steve spoke on how the improvement will ensure disruption to supply is limited in the event of an earthquake and the work was programmed around a very busy stretch of roading.   Steve will travel to Australia with the kiwi contingent to the WIOA Bendigo conference as his prize which is sponsored by MERCK. Steve's prize, sponsored by Merck, is a trip to WIOA Bendigo conference in September.

Operator Paper - 2nd Prize - Mike Binns, Wellington Water "Optimising sludge- dewatering benefits from shared water services". Mike's paper was based around the limitations that arose with increasing landfill dumping costs and quantities, the implementation of emotion and sludge dewatering benefits. Sponsored by Merck,Mike wins a $250 prize.

Operator Paper - 3rd Prize -  Ben Street "Waste Water microfiltration - Cleaning up the Motueka Estuary". This was a very interesting paper on  the work achieved with this project which certainly has potential in other situations around our country. Sponsored by Merck,Ben wins a $100 prize.  

Best Supplier Paper - "The Peeky Cup"  Andrew Shilton, Massey University.   Andrew introduced two new developments in the waste water field ; Advanced Extraction Modules , and Supercritical UV Disinfection. These technologies are set to improve and enhance the industry and we look forward to seeing their use in our systems soon.



Operator of the Year - Awarded to Lucky Kabuji of Downer Queenstown.

Young Operator of the Year - Awarded to Caitlin Robertson,Dunedin City Council. 

Mentor of the Year - Awarded to Kevin Sears, Taupo District Council. 

Te Oranga Wai - Awarded to Kathryn Russell, CDHB. Sponsored by ThermoFisher.

Sonny Katae Operators Award Trophy - Awarded to the winning team of the Operators' competitions  that run throughout the conference. This year's winners were a team of our Australian colleagues from the WIOA Tour group. This year in a very generous gesture, the Australian team chose not to take the trophy or the prizes back to Australia with them. The prize items were auctioned off by a very accomplished auctioneer at the Awards Dinner, and the proceeds have been donated to WIOG's Welfare Fund.  

Please note that the Operator of the Year, Young Operator of the Year, and Mentor of the Year awards are for the financial year and are awarded at our May conference which falls in the following financial year. eg: the awards for 2013 are awarded at the 2014 conference. All applicants must be current members of WIOG.

Life Members

There is no greater honour in any organisation than to be awarded  "life membership".  This year two were awarded at the Queenstown conference.

Congratulations to Martyn Simpson, Connexis ITO and Graeme Thacker,  Filtec who have both made outstanding contributions to our industry.

We are very lucky as an organisation to have members who are not only very skilled in their areas of work but also spend so much of their time ensuring we receive knowledge and support to continue to provide services of high standards to our customers.

I D I O T S WIOG honours its long serving, hard working and passionate members by  inducting them as Inducted Delegates of the Inextricably Obstructed Tap Society.   

At the 2017 Conference, two IDIOTS were presented with a gold Twisted Tap in recognition of their long and ongoing commitment to WIOG.  

DAMIAN LAWSEN  is a current Committee Member and Director of Alpha Pipelines, Whakatane.  

GREG GORDON, is a former Committee member and employee of Filtec, Dunedin .

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