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Balclutha Workshop UV Disinfection

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Canterbury UV Workshop

A full house showed the importance and relevance of this workshop. Keep an eye out for more UV workshops coming to your area.

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WIOG/Filtec Canterbury UV Workshop

On Wednesday, 20th September, 42 water industry professionals attended the Canterbury UV workshop at the Darfield Recreational & Community Centre. Attendees came from far and wide with most of them being operators of big and small drinking water supplies, DWA’s, council representatives and some industry suppliers. The venue and catering was kindly provided by Sicon Ltd and Selwyn District Council.

WIOG Committee Member, Martyn Simpson, welcomed everyone and gave quick updates on the Water Industry Professionals (WIP) registration scheme, treatment qualifications and encouraged all who are not financial WIOG members to fill out the application forms that were cunningly placed on their seats.

Greg Gordon, from Filtec, then gave a marvellous in-depth presentation of UVT and Turbidity theory. Everyone was given a multi-choice/short answer resource and throughout Greg’s presentation they were encouraged to answer the questions as they appeared on the screen. The overall marks were good so the theory didn’t go over too many heads.

Dave Hillyard, from Filtec, then gave an equally marvellous in-depth presentation on UV theory.  Judging by the questions this was of particular interest and Dave was able to answer them with clarity.

This was followed by a short forum chaired by Martyn. There was general discussion about UVT and UV sensor validation/compliance involving the DWA’s and operators but the main topic, not surprisingly, was the Havelock North outbreak and the significance that UV disinfection will have as an outcome.

After lunch, which the lovely ladies of Darfield had provided such a wonderful spread, everyone made their way to the small West Melton UV Plant, 15 minutes’ drive towards ChCh. Attendees were split into 2 groups, one doing actual UVT testing of various samples outside, the other doing UV sensor verification inside. When finished the groups swapped. This practical hands-on session was much appreciated by everyone and perfectly augmented all the theory presented in the morning. Thank yous and goodbyes were made with great feedback from all. It was a well worth it day.

UV Workshop

WIOG UV workshop.

On Monday the 8th August, a room full of water treatment staff, including a number of DWA’s sat down at the offices of Manawatu District Council to soak up much knowledge about all things UV, UVT and Turbidity.

A group of about 35 industry professionals attended the latest WIOG workshop. After a brief welcome from WIOG Chairperson, Mike Monaghan, Craig Freeman, from Filtec, presented a very detailed and thorough session on the theory, operation, maintenance and reporting practices of UV disinfection.

This engaged the audience, and a number of questions were asked, answered and discussed.

After a short break, Steve O’Sullivan from Filtec gave a short presentation of the relationship between UV and Turbidity, reminding us all on the good operational practices we should be employing, as well as a theory refresher.

A short open forum followed, where the DWA’s happily answered any questions from the floor and finally Annie Yates from the Connexis ITO gave a brief update to the room on where things are up to with training.

Lunch was amazing, and supplied by Manawatu District Council, then we drove out to the Armadale WTP for an afternoon practical session. Craig and Steve gave practical training on UV, UVT and Turbidity, while the MDC staff gave group tours of their excellent plant. The feedback was very positive, and a great day was enjoyed by all.

Special thanks to Filtec for providing the technical theory and practical component, and thanks to MDC for hosting a well-received workshop.

Mike Monaghan

WIOG Chair.

Tokoroa Reticulation Workshop October 21st 2015

Grant Hammond from Watermark (South Waikato District Council) did all the ground work and organised this workshop, sponsorship and venue.

Iplex pipelines

Edward Gibbon


South Waikato District Council

Select Chemicals

The program was set of full and very informative sessions for all attending,

Aprox 40 people all gathered at the Tokoroa Events centre at 10.00am for a meet and greet that included a coffee or two ( What a great community Venue to hold workshops),

All from various forms of the industry including the private industries attended.

First session was Frank O’Callaghan Technical Manager from Iplex pipes talking about various pipe laying & Material what also talked a lot of Christchurch Earth Quake and what survived. What was amazing was nearly every type of product appear to survive as long as there was movement in the jointing systems. This was on all the services of water, Sewer and Storm water.

Next up was a great Lunch – sponsored from Edward Gibbon – Thank You very much for ya support.

Next up was the Select Chemicals Billy “T “ James team talking about a coagulant product that they now supply to the water industry for coagulation/flocculation and the success that has using it on a small water treatment plant.

Another hard act to follow so Simone Hayes who is the Hansen products manager talked about their new range of products and the correct prepartion of the pipe work and how to install correctly.

Simone did a great job of keeping everyone intrested as his question time people answered the questions correctly getting a few free giveaways.

Again we would like to thank Grant Hamond and all the sposors as with out you we couldn’t run these workshop.

Alexandra Day Workshop

WIOG - Deeco Services, Alexandra workshop.

27 operations staff attended a workshop on backflow and control valves at the Fulton Hogan training room in Alexandra. A combination of theory and practical demonstrations kept everyone on their toes.

Lunch was kindly provided by Fulton Hogan and the day was co-hosted by the Central Otago District Council.

Our thanks to the presenters from Deeco Services Ltd - Marcus Durant, Mat Morrow, and local Otago Southland rep, Jim Day.

WIOG committee member Martyn Simpson gave an update on WIOG membership and Water Operations Professionals (WOP).

Keep an eye out for more workshops in your area and if you want a topic covered contact WIOG

Lower North Island Reticulation Workshop

There was a solid turnout for the first Reticulation workshop hosted at Wellington Waters Pomare bulk pipe depot in Lower Hutt on the 30/7/15.

Reticulation staff from the lower North Island joined local reticulation industry representatives and contractors from the wellington region for this first off event.

A brief introduction , welcome and  description of WIOG's involvement in the industry was heard from committee members Mike and Tony before the first presenter Kevin Head from AD Riley gave a detailed over view of infield servicing techniques and flow meter operational issues. 

Kevin's knowledge and well received presentation created a lot of interesting conversation on the topic. 

Noel Roberts from Wellington Water was the second presenter for the morning, Noel spoke about the risk and effects the region is likely to face after a large earthquake and spoke on how the three systems would be managed post a large event.  He also talked about storage availability and identified improvements within the water network and into the future before giving an interesting brief on how Japan is upgrading it network to become less vulnerable to Mega Thrust quakes.

Dallas Barker from SFI Australia Valve MAX  joined the day from across the ditch and spoke about issues with valve exercising and managing the risk of locating and identifying valves within reticulation networks, a very interesting topic when the uses of technology is utilised to locate and action difficult valves. Their range of valve exercising equipment was through a video presentation and had a system for most needs.

A fantastic lunch was provided by AD Riley with Basil Vrizonis their sales and development manager was on hand to answer the good amount of questions that arose. This was also a good time for some good networking and discussion as the group took the opportunity to check out the very impressive Bulk Water Depot. 

The afternoon section was a mix of practical and theoretical with Mark Poehls from Wellington water providing a demonstration of old and new techniques in cutting steel mains. A good example of the old air driven large diameter pipe cutters as opposed to working with a modern fuel saw. Mark also spoke about the different techniques of working with cast iron mains and cement lined steel within the Bulk Water network.

Alistair Forsyth and Barrie Wallington both from Wellington Water gave a detailed back ground into the chemistry and micro biology around super disinfecting reticulation mains followed by a practical demonstration ( minus the disinfectant ) using a portable dosing trailer and mock pipe work. They also talked about dechlorination and gave a great explanation around sampling and testing. Another hot topic that produced a lot of interest and discussion. 

The last demonstration of the day was pipe wrapping by Keith Cobb and Michael Valentic from Wellington Water, they explained the techniques used for reconditioning and improving the life of UV damaged earthquake stock and new pipes, an interesting end to a very well supported and success full day.

Dunedin Workshop - July 2015



This workshop was sold out quickly highlighting the current operator interest in the agenda topics. More than 30 turned up on the day from as far as Christchurch and Invercargill with a varied representation from the Water Industry.  The workshop was held at the Dunedin City Council Southern Water Treatment Plant.

Alison Young and Owen Braybrook from Thermo Fischer Scientific did an excellent co-presentation of ‘Recommended practices and guide to using analytical and process instruments’ This involved pH probes and meters, turbidity meters, FAC colorimeters, Spectros and DO probes. There were lots of actual instruments and probes on show for examples. There was a very good attendee interaction and discussion. Everyone learnt something new on the day.

Martyn Simpson gave an update on WIOG membership and Water Operations Professionals (WOP). Looks like there will be some more new members soon.

Rosemarie Nelson, a DWA from Public Health South, gave an enlightening presentation on ‘Authorising operators to perform calibration & field tests – a new approach to compliance’. This explained that the focus is now more on the organisation rather than the individual with a user friendly collaborative approach. Aaron Green from Downer Southland then gave a talk from an operator’s perspective about how the process went for him when he was assessed by a DWA earlier this year. There were lots of questions for Rosemarie and Aaron and all the operators would have been reassured that this isn’t a process to be wary of.

A pleasing number of attendees stayed on for the tour of the 40,000 m3/day membrane plant. It was another hugely successful WIOG workshop with attendees asking when and where the next one is.

Big thankyous to - Thermo Fischer Scientific for organising the main presentation and sponsoring the marvellous lunch, Dunedin City Council for hosting the workshop and plant tour, Public Health South for Rosemarie’s time and Connexis for supporting WIOG workshops.

Lower North Island Forum

A very successful forum was held at the Te Marua Water Treatment Plant on 27th February. 

The theme was chlorine safety with a variety of topics relating to chlorine, well covered by a number of very good presentations.

Over 50 Industry people attended and more meetings are in the planning stage.

Our thanks to Filtec and Orica.

A special thanks to Tony Ochsner and the team at Wellington Water, and all the presenters for making this day a success. 

Pic: Tony welcoming us to the forum

Grundfos Pump Schools

The Grundfos pump schools that were held in Dunedin and Rolleston in December were a great success. We are sure that all who attended would have gained a good insight into the correct method of sizing pumps, how to read pump curves, the need for correct interpretation of NPSH, and the joys of cavitation.  

Our thanks to Mike Blackmore from Grundfos for being an excellent tutor, McNeill Drilling (Dunedin) Hall Machinery (Rolleston) for supplying the lunches, Dunedin City Council, Selwyn District Council and Sicon Ferguson Ltd for hosting us and the Primary ITO for their continuing support.

If you are a WOP member you have attained 1CEU for attending. All attendees will also receive a certificate from Grundfos.

More workshops are planned for 2014 so keep checking back, and if any of you have a topic you would like covered at a workshop in your area contact your nearest committee member or email

Waikato Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Forum

The sixth Waikato Water & Waste water operator forum was held at the Kerepehi Water treatment Plant on  Tuesday 12th November 2013 . This is one of the Hauraki District Councils Water treatment plants that has recently been upgraded from an adsorption clarifier, Rapid sand filters-based plant to lamella clarifiers, membrane filtration, and ultra-violet disinfection.

Aprox 30 operators from around the Waikato attended and were given a brief safety induction.

 There was a mix of both local body and the private sector operators attending looking at the new upgraded water treatment plant.

Mike from the councils engineering department spoke about the project from the councils perspective telling all about why they went with membranes and costs etc.

Russell the senor plant operator talked about the chemical dosing and mixing, sedimentation and clarification.

 Nicky from H & G talking about the design challenges’ and Geoff talking through the Membranes and how they work.

We wish to thank the following.

Hauraki District Council for accommodating the visit to Kerepehi. Opus-Hugh Ratsey for organising the forum. Kaimai Valley Service - sponsoring refreshments and BBQ.

Pump Training Course

11 WIOG workshops were held throughout the Bay of Plenty – Waikato region in the last week of November and the first week in December 2013.

These WIOG workshops were held in association with Xylem and the Primary ITO. The purpose of these workshops was to give our members and potential members the opportunity to up-skill their knowledge of Flygt pumps (wastewater). Well over 80 operators attended these very informative workshops, demand was so high we are planning another 2 workshops in the Waikato area early in the New Year, we are also planning to move the workshops further North ( Auckland, Whangarei, Far North) in the New Year. If you wish to attend please contact Nigel Hesford.

 These workshops have proven to be extremely beneficial with the operators gaining a better understanding of pumping principles, maintenance of pumps, adjustments of impellors, improvements to Wastewater pumping, pump station maintenance, new technology, etc.

It was interesting to note that at each course the attending operators all had issues with the system they are operating, whether it was pump blockages, pump flows and pressure, rags, fat etc. Neil ,Peter and Tony from Xylem were able to offer some suggestions to rectify the problems (most of the issues were system related not pump) if an easy solution was not obvious - discussions are continuing and pump or impellor trials were offered. Part of the hands on practical session was an opportunity for operators to try their hand at adjusting an ‘N’ series impellor under the watchful eye and guidance of Xylems workshop manager Tony Nel.

I know the Xylem guy’s learnt heaps from the operators and it was great to see them fully engage with each other.

All attendees received a Certificate of attendance and a well-stocked goody bag courtesy of Xylem.

For those WOP members who attended you have earned one CEU

Thanks to:

Xylem , Neil Job, Peter Matthews and Tony Nel.

Nigel Hesford (WIOG, Primary ITO) for organising and attending each course.

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